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FiLMiC Pro Support July 16, 2013 1 FiLMiC Remote

You need two  iOS devices or more to make use of the new FiLMiC Remote app.

1. Open up updated FiLMiC Pro v. 3.3 on the camera or slave device. 

2. Go to FiLMiC Pro Settings Menu/Remote Access/FiLMiC Remote and turn setting ON

3. Make sure WiFI and/or BlueTooth are enabled on both/all devices

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all devices you wish to communicate with FiLMiC Remote

5. Be sure WiFi and or Bluetooth is enabled on FiLMiC Remote device

6. Open FiLMiC Remote

7. Request permission from available devices with open copies of FiLMiC Pro from the Cameras Near You List

8. Enable permissions on slave devices with FiLMiC Pro from the pop up screen. Choose from duration, settings menu and library options then click "Accept"

9. Repeat for as many devices as you want added to the FiLMiC Remote Networkl

10. Go to the Control Deck and request access from whichever accessible slave device/camera you select.

11. Once the network connection is established control the slave device just as you would any copy of FiLMiC Pro

12. Settings Menu, Library Options, and Access duration are all predicated on settings enabled by owners/handlers of Remote controlled cameras.

13. Have fun and experiment with camera placements in locations you never dreamed possible!

FiLMiC Pro Support July 16, 2013 Announcements

We're thrilled to announce the initial roll out of our FiLMiC Remote app which allows users of the new updated FiLMiC Pro v. 3.3 to control there device remotely over WiFI or BlueTooth. Please watch the introductory video here;


If you'd like to add FiLMiC Remote to your mobile tool kit please download it here;


Please be advised that early adopters of FP2 who signed up for the Rewards Program will receive a complimentary copy this weekend.


Support Staff February 14, 2013 Common Questions / FiLMiC Pro

This update to FiLMiC Pro adds the ability to trim clips as well as fixed a few bugs that appeared in the last update.

Support Staff October 03, 2012 Common Questions / FiLMiC Pro

Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer, 
Launch iTunes
Select your iPhone under "Devices" on the left. If it's not there, unplug/replug your iPhone/iPad.
Select Apps from the top menu
Scroll down; under File Sharing, Find FiLMiC Pro and select it
Your videos should be listed here. 
You can quickly transfer them off and/or delete them from this screen.
Once transferred you should be able to open and play them with the Quicktime player.

Support Staff October 03, 2012 Common Questions / FiLMiC Pro

Go into the Settings App

select Privacy,

then Photos

turn on the setting for FiLMiC Pro.